Remember as a kid…

The title of this discussion on really caught my attention as I remember a lot of things as a kid — and many of them are related to the fire service.

This particular discussion revolves around the author’s childhood memories of hearing the fire siren sounding  and then tuning to a particular AM station on his radio dial where they would broadcast the call location for all to hear.

WOW! What a great concept. I’ve heard of a lot of different early “alerting systems,” including the phone tree my fire department used in its formative years, but I’d never heard of that one.

Then it got me thinking, maybe we should still do that today. Could you imagine if every time we responded to a citizen emergency, the radio station everyone was listening to was interrupted with an emergency broadcast? Perhaps then they’d realize the value of our services and the challenge of our interrupted lifestyles.

Or, it might even inspire others to run to the curb and join our ranks.

Remember that one time…

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