Everybody Loves Sparky

I was at the WNY Health Expo at the Erie County Fairgrounds today as part of the Erie County Health Department’s last H1N1 vaccination clinic operation for the season.  

I had the opportunity to connect with Sparky the Fire Dog who is always a favorite with kids of all ages. Sparky is owned by the Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department and his “handler” George Utz does a fantastic job of connecting with kids and adults alike. It always amazes me the information that people will share so candidly with Sparky, not paying any attention to “the man behind the curtain.”  

Nurse Linda screens Sparky


Sparky was a good sport and even allowed nice Nurse Linda to conduct a medical screening while Nurse Rosie gave him his H1N1 Vaccination, showing everyone that it’s hip to get the shot. All the cool kids are doing it!  

This chance meeting with the “Big Dog of Fire Prevention” allowed me the opportunity to snap some photos of Sparky working the crowd and interacting with some undoubtedly Run-to-the-Curb type kids.  

One little girl fell in love with Sparky and her Mom was more than happy to let me snap her photo.  

These photos of 2-1/2 year old Isabella and Sparky are priceless.  

[More photos at www.flickr.com/tigerschmittendorf

Isabella checks out Sparky


Every good friend deserves a hug!

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