Run-to-the-Curb Bonanza

Actually it’s a carnival — not quite a bonanza. has hit the jackpot with FireCritic’s First Due Blog Carnival Episode 1 which challenged bloggers to share their answers to the question: “I’m a firefighter because…

What FireCritic ended up with was some of the deepest, most endearing – and hilarious – compilations of how 14 of the most prolific firefighter/bloggers got their start in the fire service and what keeps them going. The carnival even includes my own story of how I was perhaps destined to be a firefighter because “It was in the cards.”

They are all great reads from so many different perspectives, but all with a common link — an undying love for serving, and serving with others in the fire service.

Many thanks to Rhett Fleitz at for putting together this great collection of personal insights and re-inforcing my theory about the importance of story telling in preserving and progressing the fire service.

Check out FireCritic’s First Due Blog Carnival and be sure to come back here to tell your story

Download: Saving Stories from the March-2010 edition of Fire-Rescue Magazine.

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