Run-to-the-Curb is Top Story

They say a picture paints a thousand words: The "Firefighter Storytellers" radio show will use a photo as a jumping off point for telling stories that share our experiences in the fire service.

It’s been more than a month since my presentation at FDIC and my live Internet radio talk show on FirefighterNetcast from the show floor, but a lot of exciting things have happened since then. 

Feedback from my show about the importance of storytelling in the fire service with special guest Chief Tom Merrill was tremendous and it’s amazing to see the influence that the Run-to-the-Curb (RttC) concept has had on people. Several firefighters have since shared their own personal stories of growing up in and around the fire service. In fact, so many have responded that it’s tough to keep up with and more of their stories are pending publication here. 

Thanks in part to “FireCritic” Rhett Fleitz’s blog carnival titled: “I am a Firefighter because…” — the light has gone on for several people as they recognize themselves as RttC kids. 

This common bond that RttC embodies has spurred such interest that Rhett and John “FireDaily” Mitchell have persuaded me to work with them in producing a regular Internet radio talk show titled “Firefighter Storytellers.” I’m proud to announce that my first show will debut this Wednesday-June 9th at 9pm EDT on FirefighterNetcast

Firefighter Storytellers is designed simply to facilitate kitchen table type discussions between firefighters. “Storytellers” will be an open-format radio show in which we encourage listeners to call in with their own stories of what brought them to the fire service, what’s made the experience memorable for them, and also sharing insight as to what keeps them going day-in and day-out serving in our business of delivering emergency services to our communities. 

I’m also pleased to announce that my first guest will be very special — a volunteer firefighter and emergency room doctor who recently published a book of his own experiences in “the best damn job in the world.” 

After a brief introduction by John and Rhett, my guest and I will discuss the importance of storytelling while sharing our own stories which, as I’ve learned from reading an advance copy of his book, are so similar to mine that he may have actually spared me the trouble of writing my own book – LOL! 

If you’ve never listened to a FirefighterNetcast, I encourage you to visit their site now, sign up for a new user account for BlogTalkRadio, and be prepared to join in the conversation Wednesday night.

Listen in via the Internet, listen and/or participate by calling in, and join in the live chat that takes place amongst listeners while the show is going on. In case you miss the live show, you can even download the recording after the fact on FirefighterNetcast and iTunes too. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s easy. 

Check back for a show schedule soon and be sure to tune in Wednesday night!

4 responses to “Run-to-the-Curb is Top Story

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  2. Jason June 7, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Nice. Hope to see in Chicago.

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