Run-to-the-Curb Goes Live on the Radio

It’s like “Run-to-the-Curb Radio” — but better!

“Firefighter Storytellers” is a natural outgrowth from Tiger Schmittendorf’s popular “Run to the Curb” series — as it offers a radio show designed simply to facilitate kitchen table type discussions between firefighters.

Storytellers” is an open-format radio show in which listeners are encouraged to call in with their own stories of what brought them to the fire service, what’s made the experience memorable for them, and to share their insight as to what keeps them going day-in and day-out, serving in our business of delivering emergency services to our communities.

Produced by John Mitchell and Rhett Fleitz of FirefighterNetcast, visit their site now, sign up for a new user account for BlogTalkRadio, and be prepared to join in the conversation with each new show.

Listen in via the Internet, listen and/or participate by calling in, and join in the live chat that takes place amongst listeners while the show is going on.

And in case you miss the live show, you can even download the recording after the fact on FirefighterNetcast and iTunes too.

The family at Firefighter Netcast continues to grow as Storytellers debuted Wednesday, June 9, 2010 with Dr. Jason Borton, a former volunteer firefighter and current emergency room physician who wrote a book about his fire service experiences.

 The direct link for the show is here.

The next installment features Chief Tim Sendelbach, fire service leader and Editor-in-Chief of FireRescue Magazine. Like many others, Tim’s roots in the fire service started with his Dad, a firefighter in his hometown of Wilder, Kentucky.

Each and every program in the Firefighter NetCast line-up (including “The Firefighter NetCast Show” with John and Rhett, “The Voice of Reason” with Art Goodrich, and now “Firefighter Storytellers” with Tiger Schmittendorf) is designed to facilitate kitchen table-style discussions between firefighters.

Firefighter NetCast is not your father’s radio show!  It’s the only programming of its kind for firefighters.  Check out our entire lineup throughout the summer as we have several new surprises on the horizon.  If you’ve missed any previous program, you can find them on Firefighter NetCast, or download them all over at iTunes. 

It’s free, easy, and fun— all great words for firefighters!

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