RttC Kid: Chief Tim Sendelbach

Chief Tim Sendelbach

Chief Tim Sendelbach is a 24-year fire service veteran and Editor-in-Chief of FireRescue Magazine. Like many others, Tim’s roots in the fire service started with his Dad, a fire chief in his hometown of Wilder, Kentucky.   

Here, Tim shares stories of his upbringing in the American Fire Service along with photos and reflections on the influence his father and the tragically historic Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire had on the start and success of his career.  

Young Tim Sendelbach with his dad, Chief Ed Sendelbach

Tim’s dad, Ed Sendelbach, served with the Wilder Volunteer Fire Department for 13 years and was chief of the department and one of the first chief officers on the scene when the Supper Club fire broke out. 

Tim relates, “Following in my Dad’s footsteps, I began my career as volunteer with the Wilder Volunteer Fire Department at the age of 16.  I served with Wilder for seven years before leaving my hometown to become a Firefighter/Paramedic in Kansas City, Kansas. I also served with the Southgate Volunteer Fire Department for 4 years.” The Supper Club fire was in Southgate’s response area. 

As Tim recalls in the attached editorial piece titled Lasting Impressions: “I watched the Beverly Hills Super Club Fire with my Mom from our back porch, live and via TV – as we had a small TV on the porch at the time of the fire.” But as the editorial points out, that fire and his father were not the only influences he’s had in his successful career. 

Tim went on to serve as Chief of Training for Savannah (GA) Fire & Emergency Services, as Assistant Fire Chief in Missouri City, TX and is the immediate past president of the International Society of Fire Services Instructors (ISFSI). In addition to his responsibilities at FireRescue Magazine, Tim is currently serving in the North Las Vegas NV Fire Department as an assistant to the Fire Chief responsible for strategic planning, accreditation, ISO, emergency management and homeland security.
Tim was a special guest with Tiger Schmittendorf as he continues his “Firefighter Storytellers” series on the FirefighterNetcast Internet radio show network, Wednesday-July 14,2010.  




Listen in, call in, download and follow Tim on his journey from Run-to-the-Curb kid to Fire Service Leader.  

Links from the show with Tim Sendelbach: 


Firefighter Storytellers is designed simply to facilitate kitchen table type discussions between firefighters. “Storytellers” is an open-format radio show in which listeners are encouraged to call in with their own stories of what brought them to the fire service, what’s made the experience memorable for them, and to share their insight as to what keeps them going day-in and day-out, serving in our business of delivering emergency services to our communities. 

If you’ve never listened to a FirefighterNetcast, visit the site now, sign up for a new user account for BlogTalkRadio, and be prepared to join in the conversation Wednesday night. 

Listen in via the Internet, listen and/or participate by calling in, and join in the live chat that takes place amongst listeners while the show is going on. In case you miss the live show, you can even download the recording after the fact on FirefighterNetcast and iTunes too. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s easy.

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