Not Just a Daddy’s Girl

Janet Wilmoth became a Run-to-the-Curb kid before she could even walk.

She was six months old when her Dad carried her to watch a big warehouse fire in Chicago (she has old home movies to prove it). Born into a fire fighting and fire buffing family, her father, his sister and brother used to chase fire trucks while living in Chicago.

After the Lisle IL Volunteer Fire Department responded with their ambulance for her mother, her Dad thanked the chief. The chief said they needed help and that he should join since we lived so close to the fire department. Her father heeded the chief’s calling.

That was an early start to what would be Janet’s unusual path to the fire service.

I credit Janet with inspiring me to create Run-to-the-Curb and Firefighter Storytellers in Planting a Seed.

Check back here as we fill in the blanks on Janet’s story after the show.

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