RttC Kids

I was a Run-to-the-Curb kid and I bet you were too.

Here we’ll post photos and intros of some RttC Kids who will undoubtedly become future firefighters some day because, in most cases, it’s in their genes.

Do you have a RttC Kid you’d like to show off? Send us an e-mail to tiger@tigerschmittendorf.com with photo, name, age and parent(s) background in the fire service. We’d love to feature them here.


Collin Manning – Age 2-1/2
Son of Williamsville NY Firefighter Chris Manning

Posted 12/13/09


Kathleen and Jennifer – Circa 1994

One of my absolute, all time favorite photos of my daughter (on the left). They never grew up to be firefighters (yet) but they did love being around their dads at the firehouse. And that’s priceless.

Posted 12/13/09

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