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RttC Kid: Nick Martin

Nick Martin, Firefighter and Run-to-the-Curb Kid

Nick Martin has served as a career/volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia; and currently serves in the District of Columbia.

He is a frequent presenter and trainer with www.tradtionstraining.com and is an author of articles dedicated to making us better and safer at what we do. 

Join Nick and Tiger on Firefighter Storytellers on the FirefighterNetcast.com Radio Network at 9pm on Thursday-October 14, 2010.

And check back soon after the show for Nick Martin’s complete story aptly titled: “Chasing Fire.” Read more of this post

Fifteen years ago; in a land far, far away…

I’ve been blessed to have some widely varied and very interesting experiences in my almost 30 years in the fire service.

Serving as a co-founder and managing editor of The Fire Fighter Newspaper for seven years was one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had.

Here’s a link to a story about one of those experiences that reminds us all that while we may be a world a part — the fire service has the unique ability to bring us all together.

From www.tigerschmittendorf.com:

Fifteen years ago; in a land far, far away…

Great Story: The day I didn’t die