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Chasing Fire: Nick Martin

By: Nicholas Martin – for www.runtothecurb.com
Firefighter – Washington DC Fire & EMS and Run-to-the-Curb type kid


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Run To The Curb-NickMartin

I started as a volunteer when I was 14 years old in my hometown of Swarthmore, PA (just outside Philadelphia).  My older brother was a volunteer and I used to hang-out at the firehouse all the time from when I was as young as I can remember. Before I could even join, I used to run up to the firehouse to open the doors when they got a run.  We lived minutes from the city and my Dad would take me into Philly on the weekends to buff fires.

A few years before I joined, my older brother left the house to respond to an apartment fire at 52 South Morton Road.  From listening on my crystal-based scanner I could tell it was a “good” fire.  My mother was curious too and she came to my room to see what was going on.  Learning it was a serious fire, she drove us to watch the fire (and check-up on my brother).   Read more of this post

RttC Kid: Nick Martin

Nick Martin, Firefighter and Run-to-the-Curb Kid

Nick Martin has served as a career/volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia; and currently serves in the District of Columbia.

He is a frequent presenter and trainer with www.tradtionstraining.com and is an author of articles dedicated to making us better and safer at what we do. 

Join Nick and Tiger on Firefighter Storytellers on the FirefighterNetcast.com Radio Network at 9pm on Thursday-October 14, 2010.

And check back soon after the show for Nick Martin’s complete story aptly titled: “Chasing Fire.” Read more of this post